Thursday, 2 November 2017

November Goals

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I know that everybody says this, but I can't believe it's already November! Where has 2017 gone?! It genuinely feels like it's flown by and hitting the first of the month has prompted me to kick my brain into gear so that I accomplish what I want and need to do before the month is up. I'm determined to have an actual break this Christmas rather than stressing out constantly, so I've written a few to-dos for November to get a head start.

1. No Spend November

For me, Christmas time is always the hardest time of the year in terms of finances. Any money I have seems to get drained away from buying people presents.
I'm making the conscious effort this month to not spend money unless it's for essentials (like topping up our bread and milk, etc).
It's going to be a challenge because I love shopping, but it'll help me out so much next month when I start buying gifts.
Max and I have written a list of banned items that we're not allowed to buy for this month. It includes Max's biggest vice - McDonalds, and he's not happy about it, haha. It'll all be worth it though.

2. Using Up What I've Got

This one links with not spending any unnecessary money. I have a drawer in our flat full of random toiletries I've acquired over time which I alway forget about. Instead of buying replacements when I've finished things, I'm going to have a look through my drawer and get through the massive collection of moisturisers I have!
As well as toiletries, I'm also going to make more of an effort to use up food that we've got. Food is mine and Max's downfall - we're constantly hungry and constantly craving foods we don't have. It's where a lot of our money gets spent, so we're going to try our hardest to stick to our meal plan and ignore all the bad cravings.

3. Films, TV and Books

This one ties in with not spending money too. We have Netflix and there's so much on there we want to watch but we never get round to it. This month I want to really utilise what we have and get through some of the films and TV shows we've been meaning to watch.
As well as that, I've got quite a few books I want to read. I've made a start on a medical book my mum got me for my birthday which I'm loving! It all helps to distract from the no-spending too.

4. Schedule

One thing that can be challenging with uni is the randomness of my timetable. I don't have many lectures as it is, and the ones I do have are so spaced out in the day. Sometimes I'm only in for one hour!
I've decided to give myself more structure and treat my Mondays-Fridays as my work days, where I get my stuff sorted between 9-5. Then evenings and weekends are mine for rehearsals and relaxing!

5. Start Early

I have three essays due in around December/January time, so I want to at least start planning them this month so I have an idea of where I'm going with them. This will be so beneficial when it comes round to writing them.

6. Volunteering/Work Experience

Now that I'm heading towards graduating, I'm very aware of what I need to do in order to get a good CV/job. I'm thinking of doing some work experience in the Christmas holidays and volunteering during term-time at uni. This should help give me insight into my desired career choices and expand my knowledge and experience, which'll be great on my CV!

7. Blog More!

Last but not least, I want to blog more this month! Blogging is a hobby that I really enjoy, but I definitely don't do enough of it. I'm going to start writing down ideas whenever they pop into my head, rather than presuming I'll remember them later (I never do!). I'm looking forward to producing more content on here.

So that's it for my November goals. I'm looking forward to reading this in December and hopefully being able to say that I accomplished them all. 


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