Monday, 2 October 2017

A Little Catch Up

I can't believe that my third and final Fresher's Week is over! The past two years of university have flown by and I've not really given them much thought, however this year I am very aware that it's my last chance to do well academically and embrace the year ahead.
After four months spent down south for summer, I was well and truly ready to get back to it and start living the student life again. I craved my own space and I was so excited to move back into my flat.
Despite student accommodation being a bit gross and not the best quality, it is so nice to be surrounded by all of my stuff and in an environment where I can choose what happens. I love being at home, but nothing compares to your own routines and preferences.
So, the first two days of Fresher's Week began by unpacking, cleaning and organising the flat ready to start our last year being students (ever!).
For the rest of the week I attended the societies and sports fairs to sign up to do some activities in my spare time. I was going to go to the actual fresher's fair too, but the queue was ridiculously long! They either decided to only admit 20 people at a time, or there are triple the amount of students this year! It was never as crowded in my first two years here.
I ended up joining the Musical Theatre society. It's going to take up quite a lot of my time as rehearsals for the winter showcase have begun already. Then there's the show that happens around March/April time, and another showcase in the summer term. I think that my studies, musical theatre, my job and a social life is plenty, and going back to the yoga society like I did last year would be a mistake (although I did really enjoy yoga, but I can easily do it at home with the help of a YouTube tutorial).
I didn't have any lectures for the whole of Fresher's Week, so instead I did a few work shifts and met up with some friends.

I'm not sure what it's like at other universities, but our timetable is arranged by splitting the year up into semesters and weeks. So currently it's semester A, and week 1 has just passed. Which is crazy! Knowing that I have to film an assignment in week 4 shows just how quickly time is going to go by!
Week 1 was great. Most of the lectures I had were introductory, but so far I'm happy with the modules and they all sound interesting (and equally as challenging). My main module is my dissertation (HELP!), and alongside that I have Cognitive Neuroscience, Cross-Cultural Psychology and Counselling Skills and Theory. I've written up all of my notes and I'm trying hard to stay on top of everything so I don't get overwhelmed.

One thing I'm really scared about this year is my dissertation. I think this is mainly because it's the most hyped-up piece of work that I think I'll ever do. When you think of university, you think of dissertations, so I feel a lot of pressure already. Without giving away too much, my idea is something along the lines of attractiveness and disability. It should be quite an interesting experiment to run and I'm looking forward to seeing the results. I know it's going to be a hell of a lot of work, but this year I have a good feeling about it all and I'm positive it'll be fine.

I'm really relishing the fact I'm a student for the last year ever, and I'm trying to make the most of every minute of this weird in-between where I'm not a child but not quite an adult yet either. I'm almost a little bit sad that I'll never be a student again.

Highlights of Summer 2017:

- Seeing the Maccabees' farewell concert, the last time I'll ever see them
- Seeing Matilda the musical for the third time
- Going to Amsterdam
- Watching Yerma
- Day trip to Oxford
- Multiple trips to London

What I'm Looking Forward To:

- Musical Theatre society - absolutely loving being in a room full of people who appreciate musicals just as much as me!
- My 21st birthday
- Some scary plans with some of my friends
- Seeing Hairspray the musical
- Seeing some other smaller shows at my local theatre


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