Wednesday, 1 March 2017

What's on my iPhone?

Apple Macbook Pro and iPhone 6S

I'm not afraid to say that I absolutely LOVE my iPhone. I know there can be quite a lot of negativity around people who love Apple products but I genuinely think that they are better than any other phone (for me, at least) and I find that they are so easy to use.
 My first iPhone was the 4 but after my contract ended I was persuaded to switch to an Android phone which just didn't work out for me - I missed having an iPhone so much!
Luckily I managed to get an iPhone 6S in the rose gold colour when my Samsung broke and I absolutely love it! I got it some time in November so I've had plenty of time to get used to it and work out systems of using it that really work for me.
So, because of this I thought I'd write a post about what I have on my iPhone. I find these really interesting to read, plus who doesn't love being nosy?!

iPhone lock screen and home screen

Lock Screen/Home Screen

I like to keep the layout of my phone pretty simple and organised so I can find my apps easily. To do this, I've left most of the apps that come with the phone out as these are ones I use regularly (such as mail, calendar and notes) and I sort the rest into folders (Social, Random, Shopping, Entertainment, Games, Photo and Phone Stuff)
I have the same wallpaper for both my lock screen and home screen and have been using this one since the day I got my phone. I think it's really nice and I haven't got bored of it so far. If you want the same wallpaper, click HERE for a link to the image on Pinterest.

iPhone Social Folder


My social folder is where all of my social media accounts go - it's pretty self explanatory. Here I have Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest.

I organise my apps within the folders according to how often I open them. I don't use Pinterest half as much as I use Instagram which is why it's all the way at the bottom, but I move my apps around if I'm using one more than another. 

iPhone Instagram and Twitter Screenshots


I use Instagram and Twitter a LOT! I love interacting with people and finding others' opinions and amazing photos. I find Instagram is so good for inspiration for everything but often ends up with me making massive lists of things I want to buy. Click HERE for a link to my Instagram and HERE for a link to my Twitter.

iPhone Snapchat and Pinterest Screenshots


I've had Snapchat for ages now but I never really use it to post. I much prefer Instagram stories (but I don't think that's a very popular opinion?!). I do use Snapchat to look at other people's stories though, I love seeing what other people get up to and Snaps often include food which I'm all for. 
I'll be honest and say that the only reason I started using Pinterest was if I ever Googled something and it was on Pinterest it wouldn't let me see it unless I made an account. So after a while I gave in and now I'm pretty hooked. To me, it feels like a more grown-up Tumblr. Less of the sad, emo, negative posts and more of the pretty flatlays and inspirational quotes (and of course pictures of very cute puppies!). I love searching for ideas on here and would love to follow some more accounts so please leave a comment if you have Pinterest so I can follow you.
Click HERE for a link to my Pinterest account.

iPhone Random Folder and Letterboxd Screenshot


I was so inventive when it came to naming this folder. I'm sure everybody has this folder on their phone though - how do you categorise such unrelated apps? Here I keep the usual stuff like my Santander banking app which is great for keeping track of my money and gives me easy access to my account when I'm out and about. Flo is the compulsory app for girls, I won't go into detail but I'm sure you know what I mean! I absolutely love Duolingo and I'm currently learning German on it. I started off with Spanish and French but it just didn't click with me, but apparently I'm kinda good at learning German - who would've thought.
Letterboxd is one of my favourite app discoveries of this year. It's a place where you create an online diary of all the films you've watched and you can rate them and add reviews. It's a bit geeky but I love looking back on the things I've watched and what I thought about them. Click HERE for a link to my Letterboxd account. 
The rest of the apps in this folder are so boring - a poll site, British Airways, EE and Stocard (a place to upload all of your advantage cards for stores like Boots, Superdrug and Accessorize).

iPhone Shopping Folder and Depop Screenshot


This is a very dangerous folder which I've recently downsized in an attempt to prevent myself from spending unnecessary money. With Apple Pay, it is so easy for me to online shop now - I literally just need my fingerprint which is kind of scary...
Anyway, my favourite shopping apps lately are Topshop, New Look, ASOS and Missguided.
In contrast to these places taking my money, I've been using Depop to earn some. I recently set up my account and have been selling a few bits on there. It's lame how excited I get when I sell something but go and have a look if you're interested in buying anything! Click HERE for a link to my Depop.

iPhone Entertainment and Games Folders


Something I only just discovered you could do a couple of weeks ago, is to download shows from BBC iPlayer and All 4 to watch offline. What a life changer! This has transformed train journeys into something a little bit more bearable. My latest train-watch was Women Who Kill which was so interesting and a little bit disturbing (my favourite combo).
My Games app is rarely used to be honest. The book/movie/TV quizzes drive me insane because I can never reach the next level without cheating, charades needs more than just me to play and the Sims drains my battery! But Color - Color is amazing. The perfect way to waste time. It's very frustrating because it's easy to lose but the simplicity means I can play it in lectures, on the train and pretty much anywhere I go without being too distracted. What a game (I'm so not cool).

iPhone Photo and Phone Stuff Screenshots

Photo/Phone Stuff

Last and most definitely least are my Photo and Phone Stuff folders. I rarely open these, hence the poor opinion of them. Despite saying this, the Canon app is amazing. I can transfer photos and videos from my Canon G7X straight over to my phone with no wires. I don't even need actual WiFi, it's great. I also have whitagram, Layout and VSCO.
Now, I know that most people will also have a folder for random apps that come installed on the iPhone. I keep these ones because I will occasionally use them, especially the calculator. But I keep them hidden away so they don't clutter up my home screen.

So there we have it - a little look into my phone. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, I know I definitely love looking at what apps people have.


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