Sunday, 12 March 2017

Primark Haul

Primark bag

Since getting myself organised financially, I've really been trying to hold back when spending money. I've tried hard to only buy things that I need, and if I wanted to treat myself I've only bought things that I don't already have (so no new eyeliner if I already have some at home, etc). This has been quite hard, so when I finally got round to selling my old phone the other day I thought it was a good time to use a bit of that money to get some new stuff to make my wardrobe a little less black!

Determined to remain semi-sensible, I popped into Primark rather than Topshop/New Look as I knew I'd get more for my money here. I got 10 things for under £30 - so good! I bought Max two t-shirts but they're pretty boring so I'm not going to include them here, but here's what I got!
Tortoiseshell sunglasses
Sunglasses, £2
I've been eyeing up these sunglasses for a while because both pairs I own are black and I wanted something a bit different. They look much darker in real life, but still, I'm happy to be veering away from all-black-everything! They were so cheap as well so I know I can shove them in my bag and not worry too much if they get scratched or break.

5 pack toothbrush covers in multicolours
Toothbrush Covers, 80p
Max and I have been travelling around a bit recently. Unfortunately not to exotic beaches or bustling cities, but still. I've been using one of those tube toothbrush holders but it's so loose and ends up coming out in my bag and as for Max, he just shoves his toothbrush in his bag which is so gross. I thought I'd give these a try as we'll be back and forth between uni and home quite a bit more.

Floral pyjama shorts
Pyjama shorts, £2.50

Floral pyjama shorts
Pyjama Shorts, £2.50
I picked up a couple of pairs of pyjama shorts because I have tons of thick, fluffy long ones but not many thin ones for spring/summer. I thought these were really nice and they're have elasticated waist bands so I can eat loads and they'll expand with me haha.

Black and white stripy t-shirt and a light pink t-shirt
Stripy t-shirt, £4 //  Pink t-shirt, £2
To go with the pyjama shorts I got this pink t-shirt. It's from the men's section because they're so comfy and really cheap - they also last for ages. I'm pretty confused as to what size it is because on the tag and top label it says S but on the inner label it says L. Either way, it's nice and baggy and perfect for sleeping.
I also got this stripy t-shirt. I don't have anything like it and wanted something basic I could shove on with a pair of leggings and a denim jacket.

Light pink bag
Bag, £5
I was unsure about this bag at first, but now I've started wearing it I really like it. I'm obsessed with light pink at the moment and this was so cheap I thought it would be another nice addition to my dark (and small) collection of bags. With Primark I always feel like it's easier to experiment with things because if you hate it in a year it doesn't really matter because everything is cheap.

I also got some underwear but I feel a bit weird about showing that on the internet - do people do that on their blogs?!

I'm not sure if people like these kind of posts but I know I'm going to enjoy reading it back in a couple of years! I'm going to try and put myself on another spending ban and save up, hopefully it works...


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