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PLUGGED // The Ultraviolet, Albany & Marsicans | 02-03-17

Plugged Marsicans gig set in Lincoln

It feels like it was only yesterday when I was writing my last blog post about live music, and here I am again, just over a month later, writing another one after seeing Marsicans.
After seeing them support Hippo Campus last month in Manchester, me, my boyfriend and my friend were all delighted to find out that they were playing in a venue very close to us. At only £4 a ticket we couldn't say no, especially as there were two other bands playing - that's pretty much £1 a band - amazing value! 

So tickets were booked and having another thing to look forward to definitely kept us all going through the tough deadlines at university.

The day finally arrived but things didn't exactly start off well. Anka missed her train and had to shell out £30 to get to us. If any of you are students you'll understand that £30 is the difference between two weeks of food or starvation...not good. Luckily, after a few mishaps, she made it and I picked her up at the station. I forgot to add that Anka doesn't have a phone either (it got stolen) so we had no way of contacting each other - how unlucky!

We went to McDonalds for dinner, printed our tickets off at the university library and went over to the venue. 

A member of Marsicans playing guitar

The first band that played were The Ultraviolet. They're described as "alternative rock with a dash of pop-punk".
They played for about half an hour and were very energetic. To me, they were like a U.S. high school band from the 2000s and not my kinda thing, but they set off the night well with energy and enthusiasm.

Two members of Marsicans at a concert

The second band to play were Albany. They're described as "an up and coming britpop band from the UK. Their only goal is to bring back the raw sounds, which so defined the British music industry". And that, they did! My music knowledge is lacking, so I can't think of an appropriate band to liken them to, but their music left me with a kind of nostalgic feeling, as if I'd heard it before but not quite. Their songs were catchy and had a good beat and it's music I'm likely to listen to again which is always a good sign, especially for me.

Two members of Marsicans, one is singing and playing guitar

And then we got to the band we were there for - Marsicans. They're described as "upbeat indie meets dirty pop". My favourite songs are Gone in a Second and Absence  - give them a listen, it's worth it. I wish they had been around when I was a teenager because they're 100% the sort of band I'd have loved. Needless to say their music is still going to be played to death anyway. Their energy and stage presence was so good and I can genuinely see them going very far in their careers and I'm excited for it! 

Marsicans performing in Lincoln

During the whole gig we were stood right at the very front - a first for me as I usually hide away at the back. It was great though and I loved being able to take photos and videos without anybody in the way. 

Marsicans performing in Lincoln

Marsicans performing in Lincoln

Marsicans performing in Lincoln

After a great night, we headed back to our flat and fell asleep to the sound of ringing in our ears - always a sign of a good gig!

*All photos are of Marsicans - and only a couple of the members as I was to the left of the stage and my camera couldn't pick up the full stage due to the lighting.


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