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Hippo Campus | 28-01-17

Neon "Live" Sign

Last year, my boyfriend and I travelled to Nottingham to see Little Comets - a band I'd been listening to since I was about 15. Although it was a great experience, the support act was what left me remembering the night.

They were called Hippo Campus, a group made up of four guys from the US who formed in 2013. I'm pretty rubbish at describing music, but according to Wikipedia (top-notch source, I know), they are classed as indie rock. I'm not sure I'd categorise them that way, but elements of their music echo that of Little Comets so I can see why they toured together.

After discovering a new band that I like (which is extremely rare for me, I'm so picky when it comes to music), you can imagine my excitement when I found out they were touring in the UK again, this time being the main act. Not only that, they were playing in one of my favourite cities in the UK and for so cheap! The price was definitely a major influencing factor being a poor university student!

So, we booked tickets and headed to Manchester for a night. 

One of my old friends from school happens to go to uni in Manchester so it was a great opportunity to meet up with her as we hadn't seen each other in months. So after checking into our hotel, Premier Inn, we went and met up with her in town.

It was great to be able to properly chat and walk around the shops. I can't put into words how much better the shopping is in Manchester compared to Lincoln so I was giddy, but also extremely poor so I couldn't buy anything, such a shame.

We booked a table at Byron, our favourite burger chain and had a candlelit dinner for three haha. Although one of the waiters messed up our order so we got an entire meal for free, great customer service there Byron.

Afterwards, stuffed to the brim with food, we dragged ourselves to the venue. This was Sound Control, a tiny place but it was really cool. We had to queue up outside in the cold for absolutely ages, but whilst queueing we met a really lovely guy who ended up giving my friend a free ticket so she could come to the gig with us. He was there to take pictures because he's a photographer (find him at swllw10 on Instagram/Twitter to check out his work). So finally we all got in to defrost and enjoy the concert.

Exterior of Sound Control in Manchester

The music didn't disappoint and I actually discovered yet another band that I like who were supporting Hippo Campus. They're called Marsicans and I'm going to see them again next month because they were that good. Anyway, both Marsicans and Hippo Campus were great and as always, I love small venues because you feel so much more involved and it's great for photo and video opportunities. Plus, I don't know about you but my eyesight is terrible so actually being able to see performer's facial expressions is just fab! 

Marsicans playing live at Sound Control, Manchester

After a fun night which involved some pretty pathetic mosh pit attempts by the audience, me and my boyfriend headed back to our hotel with a McDonalds drink in hand ready to crash for the rest of the night. We waved goodbye to my friend and pretty much fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

Premier Inn bed, Portland Street, Manchester

Selfie with friends and Chinatown, Manchester

Chinese New Year celebrations were taking place over the weekend and there were paper lanterns everywhere - it looked amazing!


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